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Research seminars, Fall 2023

Date Time Venue Type of event Presenter Topic
Aug 16 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Research Frontiers Seminar Prof. Kalle Lyytinen The Foundations of Digital Strategy
Sept 28 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Andrey Indukaev Dimensions of the digital – mapping the new space of innovation and competition
Oct 12 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Riitta Rönnqvist Rejected and cared for – the Two-Edged Sword of Organizational Assistance during Nokia’s Massive Layoffs
Oct 18 12:15-13:15 Aquarium & Zoom Research Frontiers Seminar Prof. Ola Henfridsson Algorithmic enforcement of reciprocal exchange: Including cooperation in networks with blockchain and smart contracts
Nov 2 14:15-15:00 Aquarium & Zoom Research Frontiers Seminar Prof. Tri Tran Drivers and Barriers to Implementing the Internet of Things in the Health Care Supply Chain: Mixed Methods Multicase Study
Nov 9 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Alessandro Rizzotti The role of Cross-Functional Integration on On-Self Availability in the Retail Supply Chains and Future Research with Design Science
Nov 16 12:15-13:15 Aquarium & Zoom Research Frontiers Seminar Prof. Nina Granqvist Chasing Tornadoes: Temporal Work to Foster Group Engagement under Uncertainty
Nov 30 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Riitta Rönnqvist Why Victims Blame and Praise: Seven Layoff Victim Paths to Judge Fairness of Employee-Employer Outcome Distribution
Dec 7 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Anita Golzarjannat A Regulatory Technologies Approach to Sustainable Finance: A Multivocal Literature Review
Dec 14 13:30-14:30 Aquarium & Zoom Research Frontiers Seminar Prof. Flore Bridoux Stakeholders’ value appropriation from team production
Research seminars, Spring 2023

Date Time Venue Type of event Presenter Topic
Jan 19 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Erik Liesola Corporate Strategy in Platform Industries: Diversification and Competitive Dynamics Among the ‘Big Five’
Feb 16 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Joffrey Fuhrer The neglected dimension of meaning in life: Having a positive impact on others
Mar 2 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar David Wunder Harvesting or Nurturing? Corporate Venture Capital and Startup Green Innovation
Mar 16 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Niko Lipiäinen Executives’ View on Multi-Stakeholder Value Creation and Capture of Digital Transformation
Mar 23 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Mikko Heiskala Vertical and horizontal complementarities in platform ecosystems
Apr 13 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Tech Frontiers Seminar Alex Jung Machine learning: The Basics
Apr 20 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Research Frontiers Seminar Henrik Berglund Developing the Design Perspective on Entrepreneurship: From Dual Nexus to Design Triad
Apr 27 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Róisín Dooley-Nealis Intrapreneurship: Its forms and enabling organisational factors.
May 4 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Zeinab Farshadfar Machine learning technology and the circularity of supply chains: A systematic literature review
May 11 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Research Frontiers Seminar Michael Ryall Causal Inference as an Organizational Problem
May 12 14:00-17:00 Aalto University Töölö PRODEKO Seminar 2023 followed by networking dinner in the iconic Assembly Hall.
May 25 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Tech Frontiers Seminar Antti Vassinen Engineering Marketing Performance in 2023: Navigating analytical power and moral hazards

Research seminars, Fall 2022DateTimeVenueType of eventPresenterTopicAug 1812:15-13:00Aquarium & ZoomResearch Frontier SeminarVisiting professor Suzanne de TrevilleValuing Supply-Chain Responsiveness and ResilienceSep 1512:15-13:00Aquarium & ZoomBrown Bag SeminarNelda Andersone

Work extensification in the times of COVID-19: managers safeguarding employee well-being and performance through double-faced caring

Sep 22
12:15-13:00Aquarium & ZoomBrown Bag SeminarAracely Soto-SimeoneData-driven organizations: Fostering a new culture for corporate entrepreneurshipSep 2912:15-13:00Aquarium & ZoomResearch Frontier Seminar

Julia Bodner

Employee Redeployment in Diversified Firms: The Role of Inducements, Redeployment Costs, and Pay InequalityOct 1312:15-13:00Aquarium & ZoomBrown Bag SeminarRobert van der HaveTemporal effects of public R&D support on innovation- a long-term panel event studyOct 25

Ruska 2022RUSKASign up here 2712:15-13:00Aquarium & ZoomBrown Bag SeminarReza Yamini & Mikko Rönkkö

Modeling entrepreneurial orientation: Conceptualization and measurement issues

Nov 314:00-15:00ZoomResearch Frontier SeminarProfessor Maija Renko

Employee reactions to entrepreneurial leadership in social and commercial enterprises

Nov 1012:15-13:00Aquarium & ZoomBrown Bag SeminarOlli HalminenAnalysing the Performance of Meso-level Care Systems Including Long and Short Term ServicesNov 17

12:15-13:00Aquarium & ZoomBrown Bag SeminarMärt VesinurmPatient Journey Disruptions – The Obstacle of Integrated and Coordinated CareNov 2412:15-13:00Aquarium & ZoomBrown Bag SeminarJoel Wolff

Sustainability transitions by ecosystem innovation

Dec 112:15-13:15Aquarium & ZoomResearch Frontier SeminarProfessor Koen HeimeriksDeliberate Learning and Sources of Knowledge in Mergers and AcquisitionsDec 812.15-13:45Aquarium & ZoomBrown Bag SeminarAdjunct professor Arash HajikhanitbaResearch seminars, Spring 2022

Date Time Venue Type of event Presenter Topic
Jan 20 12:15-13:00 Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Sarri Nykänen The Effect of Exogenous Critical Events on the Mobilization of Digital Social Movements
Jan 21 12:00 Zoom Dissertation Joosef Valli Cognition, Complexity, and the Financial Crisis: The Federal Open Market Committee’s Search for a Monetary Policy Strategy
More info
Feb 3 12:15-13:00 Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Frank Martela Functions of managers in a self-managing organization
Feb 4 12:00-17:00 PhD Workshop – Qualitative Comparative Analysis Prof. Kalle Lyytinen Comparative studies and qualitative comparative analysis (QCA)- A Tutorial
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Feb 10 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Research Frontier Seminar Prof. Kalle Lyytinen Meta-Human SystemsPresentation is available behind the link:!AjADcWkHadsokg2W_8w0UmCOWbO2?e=4puxsj
Feb 11 12:00-16:00 Zoom Dissertation Lauri Pietinalho Toward an Organizational Theory of an Ontology of PossibilityCustos prof. Esa Saarinen
Feb 17 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Tiina Ahva When does Corporate Political Activity Become Ideological? A Nordic Bank’s Threat to Move its HQ
Mar 3 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Riitta Rönnqvist Why Victims Blame and Praise: A Model of Assisted Layoff Victims´ Attributions of Fairness and Responsibility
Mar 24 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Elena Fadul Entrepreneurial Teams: What is the Role of Intuition in the Founding Team Formation Process?
Apr 14 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Tomasz Mucha
Beyond MLOps: The Lifecycle of Machine Learning-based Solutions
May 19 12:15-13:00 Aquarium & Zoom Research Frontier Seminar Prof. Aleksios Gotsopoulos
Industry Cycles vs. Attention Cycles: The Effects of Shifting Public Attention

Research seminars, Fall 2021DateTimeVenueType of eventPresenterTopicSep 213:00-14:00ZoomResearch FrontiersProf. Charlotta SirénA story well told – How communication shapes the fate of venture ideasSep 912:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarProf. Kimmo KarhuPlatform externalities: Beyond the N in network effectsSep 2312:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarXabier BarriolaDid the MillerCoors Joint Venture Strengthen the Craft Beer Revolution?Oct 517:00-18:30ZoomResearch Frontiers Seminar
How to Win with Platform Strategy | Aalto UniversityRegistrations by Oct 1!

Oct 7 12:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarAracely Soto-Simeone
Oct 1413:00- 14:00Aquarium & ZoomResearch FrontiersProf. Ryan KrauseLeading the board in a crisis: Directive board chair leadership, competitive simplification, and firm performance during covid-19Oct 28
ZoomRUSKA 2021

Nov 412:15-13:00Hybrid (Aquarium & Zoom)Brown Bag SeminarHenni TenhunenCommon methodological problems in OM researchNov 11
12:15-13:00Hybrid (Aquarium & Zoom)Brown Bag SeminarTom OlssonWhen project outcomes matter: governance of complex defence system projects in a military organizationNov 25
12:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarTomasz MuchaManaging Firm Resources at the Digital Technology Frontier: The Case of Finland’s Artificial Intelligence AcceleratorDec 912:15-13:00Hybrid (Aquarium & Zoom)Brown Bag SeminarElena FadulMid-term review presentationResearch seminars, Spring 2021

Date Time Venue Type of event Presenter Topic
Feb 4 16:00-17:00 Zoom Visiting Scholar Prof. Kalle Lyytinen Digitization and Phase Transitions in Platform Organizing Logics: Evidence from the Process Automation Industry
Feb 11 12:15-13:00 Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Barbara Buckhard The discretion to be all in! A meta-analysis of the effects of CEO overconfidence on strategic risk taking and firm performance
Feb 18 (free)
Feb 25 Winter break
Mar 4 12:15-13:15 Zoom Research Frontiers Prof. Marina Biniari Employees’ time valuation differences and innovation implementation within organizations
Mar 11 (free)
Mar 18
12:15-13:00 Zoom Brown Bag Seminar
Mar 25
Apr 1 Easter week
Apr 8 12:15-13:00 Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Timo Moilanen & Prof. Markku Maula Pioneering advantage: Testing generalizability across industries and time using a machine learning based approach
Apr 15 (free)
Apr 22 12:00-16:00 Zoom Doctoral Defence Jere Lehtinen External stakeholder engagement in complex projects
Apr 29 (free)
May 7 12:00-16:00 Zoom Doctoral Defencer Timo Punkka The bottom-up agency in driving institutional change: A case study in a corporate environment
May 13 Ascension day
May 20 12:15-13:00 Zoom Brown Bag Seminar Marianna Heiska and Prof. Markku Maula CEO Personality and the short-term vs
long-term M&A performance
May 27 12:15-13:00 Zoom Research Frontiers Prof. Kari Tanskanen Information processing pathways to resilience: A case study on grocery supply chain response actions to the COVID-19 pandemic

Research seminars, Fall 2020DateTimeVenueType of eventPresenterTopicSep 312:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarAnna LukkarinenSecondary market listings in equity crowdfunding: The missing link

No seminars

Oct 1
15:00-16:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarMonica Masucci, Lecturer at University of SussexThe role of human capital in the international corporate venturing processOct 812:00-16:00ZoomDoctoral DefencePeter KenttäA grammar of interactional wellbeing in organizational settingsOct 15

Fall break

Oct 22MorningZoom


No seminar

Nov 5
12:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarJane SeppäläAI tools in strategic search: Alleviating and aggravating local searchTue  Nov 1012:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarTomasz MuchaArtificial intelligence platforms – A new research agenda for digital platform economyNov 1912:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarJuri MattilaBlockchain systems as multi-sided platformsNov 2612:15-13:00ZoomResearch Frontiers SeminarJohanna Ylipulli, Academy Research Fellow at Aalto University, Department of Computer ScienceDigital inequalities in smart citiesDec 312:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarNooa NykänenThe impact of COVID-19 on business: Mapping the dynamics of organizational crisis responseDec 1012:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarAlireza JaribionRise of Hackathons: The Case of JunctionDec 1714:15-15:00ZoomBrown Bag SeminarLauri PietinalhoSituationalizing authority: Organizational balancing between managerial and employee discretion in less hierarchical organizingResearch seminars, Spring 2020DateTimeVenueType of eventPresenterTopicJan 912:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarJukka Holkeri
Outsourcing of aviation technical services – literature and case studiesJan 1612:15-13:153186Research Frontiers seminarTua Björklund

Early-career engineers’ innovation efforts

Jan 2312:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarFrank MartelaModern corporations as constrained oligarchies: The power dynamics between the elite and employees in organizationsJan 3012:15-13:153186Research Frontiers seminarProf. Marina Biniari
Motivating Corporate Entrepreneurial Effort: Champions, Followers, and How Innovation ClimateFeb 612:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarJaakko SiltaloppiIntegrating CSR with business strategy: A tension management perspectiveFeb 1312:15-13:153186Brown Bag seminarProf. Kelley PackalenDown the Slippery Slope: Moral Disengagement and Academic Integrity’s Grey AreasFeb 20

Winter break

Feb 2713:00-14:15TU-5Research Frontiers seminarProf. Morten HuseChanging research and reality about Women on BoardsMar 512:15-13:153186Research Frontiers seminarEuiju Jeon & Prof. Markku MaulaThe Progress Towards Understanding the Tensions in Corporate Venture Capital: A Systematic ReviewMar 12

No seminar
(Juri Mattila’s seminar has been postponed to May 28)Mar 1912:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag seminarProf. Juha UotilaThe microfoundations of entrepreneurial ecosystems: The case of the Helsinki regionMar 2612:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag seminarTuomo Eloranta & Outi VanharantaGooglifying R&D work – A narrative lens to the role of technological interdependencies in organizational changeMar 31 (Tue)

No seminar
(Prof. Masucci’s seminar has been postponed to June 4)Apr 213:00ZoomDoctoral defenceHeli NissiläPursuing legitimacy for solar energy – essays on temporality and collective spaces in nascent fieldsApr 912:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag seminarShan GaoDigital Transformation in Asset-Intensive Industries: Systemic Constraints and Synchronized ChangeApr 1612:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag seminarEero AaltoOn becoming a firm: Microhistorical analysis of strategy-making practises during radical strategic changeApr 23

No seminar
(Johanna Ylipulli’s seminar has been postponed to fall 2020)Apr 2912:00ZoomDoctoral DefenceJesse KarjalainenStrategic networks: On the intertwinedness of network structure and resourcesApr 2914:00-15:00
Q&A SessionTomi KauppinenThoughts and tips for online learning & coursesApr 30


May 518:00ZoomDoctoral DefenceOtso HannulaKnowledge co-creation in design games: Conversation analysis of an interorganizational design game sessionMay 712:15-13:15ZoomResearch Frontiers seminarKarlos ArttoKarlos’ research interests and the value maximization paperMay 1412:15-13:00ZoomBrown Bag seminarProf. Karl WennbergExplaining the Diffusion of Covid-19 transmission mitigation policies in OECD CountriesMay 20 (Wed)

No seminar
(Lauri Pietinalho’s seminar has been postponed to fall 2020)May 28

No seminar
(Juri Mattila’s seminar has been postponed until further notice)June 4

No seminar
(Monica Masucci’s seminar has been postponed to fall 2020)June 11

No seminar

June 18

No seminar
(Olli Kupiainen’s seminar has been postponed to fall 2020)

Research seminars, Autumn 2019DateTimeVenueType of eventPresenterTopicSep 512:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarStaff scientist Kunal Bhattacharya
Group formation: experiment and modelling of human agent cooperationSep 1212:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarKari JalonenUsing topic modeling to explore ideologies in city managementSep 1912:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarPekka TöytäriBusiness transformation towards value-based exchangeSep 2612:15-13:153186Research Frontiers seminarProf. Jaakko KujalaValue creation in project alliances – system dynamic approachOct 312:15-13:153186Research Frontiers SeminarProf. Natalia VuoriOrganization innovation as patterns of emotion regulation actionsOct 1012:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarSatu RekonenThe role of designers in advancing the adoption of design thinking practice in organizationOct 17

Fall break

Oct 24

RUSKA – TUTA Research Day

Oct 3112:15-13:153186Brown Bag seminarMarianna HeiskaAcquisition performance in short- and long- terms – Top-manager personality effectsNov 712:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarTomasz MuchaCatching the Next Technology Wave: Adoption of Artificial Intelligence Technologies by S&P500 CompaniesNov 1412:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarSarri NykänenConfigurations of social movement mobilization for market regulationNov 2112:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarChethana DharmawardaneFeasibility of automatic daily forecasting for grocery: an empirical studyNov 2812:15-13:15TBDResearch Frontiers seminarProf. Jukka LuomaReflexive modelingDec 5

Eve of Independence Day

Dec 1212:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarRiitta RönnqvistDisidentification process(es) during assisted layoffsResearch seminars, Spring 2019DateTimeVenueType of eventPresenterTopicJan 179:00-10:003186Brown Bag seminarPh.D. Rosemary Francisco and Prof. Amarolinda Klein, Unisinos UniversityKnowledge Workers on the move: Understanding how they use Mobile
ICT to create and share KnowledgeJan 2412:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarEsko HakanenThree conceptual approaches to innovation: A meta-analysis of an article-based dissertationJan 3112:15-13:153186Research Frontiers seminarProf. of Practice Risto SarvasStrategy for the Information Networks Programme: social impact!Feb 712:00-13:303186Research Frontiers seminarProf. Maurits Kaptein, JADS research, Tilburg UniversitySequential learning for personalizationFeb 1412:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarRobert Van der HaveWhen is openness faster? How breadth in external collaboration and complexity affect firms’ speed of innovationFeb 21

Winter holiday

Feb 2812:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarSatu RekonenDesign-driven digital transformation: Case ABB Marine Pilot ProjectsMar 712:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarTuomo ElorantaDriving Collaborative Virtual Idea Development With Hard Cash: Smart or Harmful?Mar 1412:15-13:153186Research Frontiers seminarProf. Matti VartiainenFuture CompetencesMar 21
12:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminar Eero AaltoThe best defense is a good offence: Incumbent’s institutional strategies to align market and regulatory categoriesMar 28 12:15-13
Brown Bag seminarTom OlssonMoving towards digitalization of teaching: Cases from university teachingApr 5

PRODEKO seminar

Apr 1112:15-13:15Learning Hub Atrium, 1st floorResearch Frontiers seminarProf. Michael G. Jacobides, London Business SchoolEcosystems – its origin and future place in management researchApr 1812:15-133186Brown Bag seminarCatharina GyllingOrganizational identity in a changing organizationApr 2512:15-133186Brown Bag seminar Joosef ValliConnecting the interconnectedMay 2

Wappu week

May 9
12:15-133186Research Frontiers seminarDocent Marja ToivonenHuman-centered digitalization and servicesMay 1612:15-133186Brown Bag seminarJuri MatinheikkiToward a middle range theory of agency in inter-organizational relationships: A systematic literature reviewMay 2312:15-133186Brown Bag seminarHani TarabichiHummus in raging times: Institutional change and the rise of multiple logicMay 2912:15-133186Brown Bag seminarJulia Bodner, INSEADThe effect of structural form and employee mobility on post-merger performanceJune 312:15-13:153186Research Frontiers seminarProf. Andrew Shipilov, INSEADNeither Markets nor Hierarchies of the 21st Century: Integrating Research on Inter-Organizational Networks and EcosystemsJune 1012:15-13:303186Research Frontiers seminarProf. Kalle Lyytinen, Case Western Reserve UniversityHuman agency in the age of autonomous toolsResearch seminars, Autumn 2018DateTimeVenueType of eventPresenterTopicSep 612:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarFrank MartelaWhat makes self-organizing possible? – From bureaucratic to self-managing organizations with the help of intrinsic motivation and psychological safetySep 1312:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarShan GaoDigital Transformation in Asset-intensive Businesses: Lessons Learned from the Metals and Mining IndustrySep 2012:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarPardeep MaheshwareeBetter the devil you know than the devil you don’t: The role of board ties in outsider CEO selectionSep 2712:15-13:153186Research Frontiers seminarProf. Petri ParvinenSelling and monetizing dataOct 412:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarHanna TimonenThe performing paradox of technologically-mediated sales meetings: Navigating tensions in the visibility of workOct 1112:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarNaser Hossein MotlaghIoT as a Tool: Enabling Comfort and Energy Efficiency for BuildingsOct 1812:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarRoxana TurtureaPersuasion in Reward-based CrowdfundingOct 25
Sannäs Manor, PorvooRUSKA – TUTA Research Day

Nov 112:15-13:153186Research Frontiers seminarProf. Markku MaulaStatus Multiplicity in International Business: Performance Effects of Local Status and Institutions in Cross-Border Venture CapitalNov 812:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarOuti VanharantaInnovativeness contested – discrepancies between managerial ideals and employee identitiesNov 1512:15-13:003186Brown Bag seminarUlriikka JärvihaavistoDriving Growth Through Engagement – The Google Way to Ecosystem GovernanceNov 2912:15-13:453186Research Frontiers seminarProf. Nicolai J. Foss, Bocconi UniversityThe myth of the bossless company: Why management still matters?Dec 1312:15-13:153186Research Frontiers seminarProf. Riitta SmedsHow to facilitate inter-organizational transformation? Reflections based on SimLab’s researchResearch Seminars, Spring 2018Jan 1212:15-13:151021-22Research Frontiers seminarProf. of Practice Timo SeppäläValue chains, platforms, and blockchainsJan 199:15-10:003186Brown Bag seminarHenni TenhunenEmotion segmentation in healthcareJan 269:15-10:003186Brown Bag seminarZeerim CheungChanging Criteria for Internal Legitimacy and the Internationalization ProcessFeb 29:15-10:003186Brown Bag seminarEmma NordbäckShared leadership coordination in global teamsFeb 99:15-10:153186Research Frontiers seminarProf. Markus Fitza, Frankfurt School of Finance and ManagementHow much do national institutions matter for variance in firm performance?Feb 16

Brown Bag seminarcanceled
Feb 23

Winter holiday

Mar 29:15-10:003186Brown Bag seminarJoosef ValliComplexity, Cognition, and the Search for a New StrategyMar 99:15-10:003186Brown Bag seminar Mervi VuoriDyadic perspectives to supplier integrationMar 21 (Note: Wed)
9:15-10:153186Research Frontiers seminarDocent Miika LinnaValue-based decisions in social and health care using register dataApr 69:15-10:003186Brown Bag seminarOlli HalminenRisk of elderly nursing home admission: individual and system-level factorsApr 11 (Note Wed)9:15-10:153186Research Frontiers seminarSenior lecturer Muthu de Silva, Birbeck University of LondonInstitutional Entrepreneurial Opportunities: A Synthesis and a Research AgendaApr 209:15-10:003186Brown Bag seminarTuukka KostamoAccounting for leadership agencyApr 27
DipoliPRODEKO seminar

May 3 (Note Thu)
10:00-11:003186Research Frontiers seminarAssociate Prof. Brent Goldfarb, University of MarylandRevisiting the Categorical Imperative: Securities Analysts and the Illegitimacy Discount: Zuckerman (1999)May 4
9:15-10:15 3186Research Frontiers seminarAssistant Prof. Timo VuoriChange Analytics: How Data-Analytics can Improve Organizational Change ImplementationMay 9 9:00-10:30 3186Brown Bag seminarJere LehtinenMid-term progress seminar on projects and stakeholdersMay 189:15-10:00 3186Brown Bag seminarEui Ju JeonPerformance Implications of Vacillating between Exploration and Exploitation: Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital InvestingMay 229:00-11:003186Presentation Skills WorkshopFacilitated by Christa Uusi-Rauva  and Yulia GusevaWelcome to get tips on pitching your course or research project. We will record two short videos of each participant presenting, both before and after the feedback.May 25 9:15-10:15
Research Frontiers seminarAssociate Prof. Thomas Lechler, Stevens Institute of TechnologyValue Creation Through Innovation Research Program: Decision Maker and Firm PerspectivesMay 29 (Note: Tue)10:15-11:15
Research Frontiers seminarProf. Richard Calvi, Savoie UniversityBroadening the scope of New Product Development: 20 years of research in Early Purchasing InvolvementResearch Seminars, Autumn 2017Date and VenueType of eventPresenterTopicNov 3, 12:15-13Brown Bag seminarJere LehtinenStakeholder Management Practices in Complex Product Systems: To engage, or not to engage stakeholders?Nov 10, 12:15-13Brown Bag seminarSiavash KhajaviOperations management of additive manufacturing: a forward-looking perspectiveNov 17Brown Bag seminarcanceled
Nov 24, 12:15-13Research Frontiers seminarAssistant Prof. Marina Biniari
Dec 1, 12:15-13Brown Bag seminarMikael ÖhmanScheduling flexibility: Introducing a scheduling buffer in aircraft line maintenanceDec 8, 12:15-13Brown Bag seminarPeter KenttäTowards the study of history-makingDec 15, 12:15-13Brown Bag seminarSuvi-Tuuli HelinSituational Analogies in Strategizing: Longitudinal Single Case Study from Management Consulting