Research Frontiers seminars

TUTA Research Frontiers seminar offers glimpses to the research highlights of our department, our affiliates, and prestigious guests. In the seminar, scholars can present their published research papers, past or ongoing research projects, or other particularly interesting content. Since the emphasis is given to more refined work, the seminar also provides an opportunity to celebrate our successes!

[The sessions are organized live and via Zoom.]

Research Frontiers seminars are held on Thursdays in the Aquarium room (3186). The seminar starts at 12:15 and lasts between 60 to 90 minutes depending on the presentation. The seminar is organized one or two times each month.

For more information about the Research Frontiers seminar, please contact DIEM Academic Coordinator Jani-Pekka Jokinen (

TUTA Visiting Scholars host presentations from our prestigious visitors and collaborators across the globe. These sessions may take various formats, lengths and times. Some sessions might host keynote speeches from our visitors, while others may organized as a workshop.

The events may be organized on a short notice. These may also cause changes in the seminar schedule.

When possible, the TUTA Visiting Scholar events are open to anyone interested. You can get more details about the events from DIEM Academic Coordinator Jani-Pekka Jokinen (