Brown Bag seminars

TUTA Brown Bag seminar is organized three times a month, in turns by our three focus areas of Strategy and Venturing, Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Operations & Service Management.

Brown Bag seminars are held on Thursdays in the Aquarium room (3186). The seminar starts at 12:15 and it lasts 45 minutes, including presentation (about 15 min) and discussion (about 30 min).

Remote participation is also possible via Zoom.

This seminar offers an opportunity for doctoral candidates or post-doctoral researchers to develop their ongoing research. In the seminar, the presenters will receive feedback, guidance, and support for their research projects in a collaborative, open and friendly atmosphere.

To book a slot for your own Brown Bag seminar presentation, please contact the coordinator of your focus area:

  • Tom Olsson (Operations and Service Management)
  • Aracely Soto-Simeone (Entrepreneurial Leadership)
  • David Wunder (Strategy and Venturing)