Online conference guidelines

Zoom links

The interactive agenda, which contains the Zoom links to all events can be found here:

The sign in credentials have been sent to you by email. If you have not received them, then contact the organizing committee (

The Conference will be organized on the Zoom platform which allows presenters to share their computer screen.

Here you can find Zoom instructions . Please take some time to prepare for your presentation.

We provide training for Zoom for all presenters and chairs. To ensure that everything will run smoothly, we strongly encourage that you join the training session on

Tuesday, June 8 at 22:00 – 23:00  (EEST/UTC+3) OR
Wednesday, June 9 at 18:00 – 19:00 (EEST/UTC+3)

Join Ilona IT’s Technical Room here!

The final programme and interactive agenda (including abstracts and Zoom links) will be published via the COMS submission system. Thus, all presenters and non-presenting registered attendants, please ensure that you have registered in the COMS system:

Instructions for presenters & chairs

The Zoom meeting will open 15 minutes before the first session and close 15 minutes after the last session. Please arrive in good time for your own session.

Parallel sessions

Each presenter has a 10-minute slot for their presentation followed by questions and answers (3-4 minutes) and the transition to the next presentation (1-2 minutes). Presenters will share their slides via Zoom’s ”Share Screen” functionality. We recommend that you attend the Zoom training session (see above) and test your connection and the ”Screen Share” functionality with our professional support.

Session chairs
Each parallel session is lead by an appointed session chair who ensures that the session proceeds on schedule and that every presenter gets constructive feedback on their contribution. The chair will moderate questions & answers and, depending on the situation, act as a discussant who stimulates interaction on every presentation. The chair will notify the presenter when one minute of the presentation remains. The technical host will assist as need be.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Join your session in good time.
  2. The technical host will open the session.
  3. All presentations are presented in the defined sequence (see the interactive agenda).
    1. Each presenter has 10 minutes of time for the presentation.
    2. The chair notifies when 1 minute of the time remains.
    3. Each presenter has 3-4 minutes of time for discussion.
    4. The chair notifies when the time is up.
    5. The next presenter starts within 1-2 minutes.
  4. The session will be concluded.


Coordinators of symposia will provide further instructions, informing their presenters how much time they have are how discussions within the symposia will be organized.


Poster presenters are asked to send their poster (one A4 page as a pdf-file, horizontal layout) to the organizer by June 9, 2021. The posters will be uploaded to the Poster Gallery on the conference website.

The poster session is organized on Tuesday evening, 15 June starting at 20:00 (EEST, UTC+3).  The organizer will share the numbered posters chronologically on the screen for 2 minutes and each presenter will give a short pitch-style presentation during these 2 minutes.

After all these presentations have been held, a separate Zoom breakout room will be created for each poster. Conference participants will be able to visit these rooms and discuss with the poster presenters. A conclusive wrap-up on “The Main Stage” will include Best Poster Awards by the Jury.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Send the poster to the organizing committee ( by 09.06.2021.
  2. Join the poster session on Tuesday 15.05.2021 20:00 in good time.
  3. The host will open the session at 20:00 (5 min).
  4. The host will share his screen and display posters 1 – 10 in sequence (30 min).
    1. Verbally pitch your poster for 2 minutes when it appears on the screen.
    2. You should not share your own screen (the host will share your poster)!
  5. One breakout room will be arranged for each poster, where attendants can visit and discuss the posters in more detail (20 min).
  6. All attendants will return to the main stage, where the best poster will be awarded by the Jury and the official session will be concluded at 21:00 (5 min).
  7. The attendants may return to the breakout rooms to further discuss the posters (15 min).
Paper availability

Abstracts will be made available for registered participants from 11 June to 30 June. Recorded presentations (for presenters who have granted permission) will be available until 30 June.

In case of technical problems

If you are experiencing technical problems at any time, contact / phone/WhatsApp +358 40 5057655.

We will be monitoring the email closely during the conference hours to address any problems that may arise. That said, we encourage presenters to log in well in advance of their session to make sure that we are able to solve any technical issues that you may encounter.