Poster Gallery

The Best Poster Award was handed over to Mathilde de Goer de Herve (lower) by Kristina Cziner (on top), Head of Aalto Networking Platform. Congratulations!

The Best Poster Award is sponsored by Aalto Networking Platform.

Click on the orange links or on the thumbnails to view the actual posters  below.

1. Naoko Kato-Nitta

Risk, benefit, and value perceptions toward food application of emerging technologies: Clarifying boundary conditions of deficit model

2. Suvi Joutsen

Challenges of Risk Communication in Food Safety and Proposals for Improvement

3. Jean-Michel Camin

Communication of risk and uncertainty in organizations: the “communication-uncertainty” model in qualitative research, a case study.

4. Juha Tuomola

Screening potential pests of Nordic coniferous forests associated with trade of ornamental plants

5. Johanna Suomi

Dietary exposure of Finnish children and adults to inorganic arsenic

6. Sanja Mrksic Kovacevic


7. Ana Prades

The public acceptance of fusion energy research in Europe: A cross-national survey study

8. Iwona Gorzeń-Mitka

Multi-objective Ranking of Risk Assessment Techniques: Evidence from Polish Smes

9. Mathilde de Goër de Herve

Risk Justice and the People, Nature, Place and Time: A theoretical framework for fairness considerations in sustainable risk management

10. Slavica Dabižljevic

Vulnerability of population in performing work tasks in the pandemic crisis COVID 19 (case study Serbia)

Step by step instructions (also found on the guidelines page):

  1. Send the poster to the organizing committee ( by 09.06.2021.
  2. Join the poster session on Tuesday 15.05.2021 20:00 in good time.
  3. The host will open the session at 20:00 (5 min).
  4. The host will share his screen and display posters 1 – 10 in sequence (30 min).
    1. Verbally pitch your poster for 2 minutes when it appears on the screen.
    2. You should not share your own screen (the host will share your poster)!
  5. One breakout room will be arranged for each poster, where attendants can visit and discuss the posters in more detail (20 min).
  6. All attendants will return to the main stage, where the best poster will be awarded by the Jury and the official session will be concluded at 21:00 (5 min).
  7. The attendants may return to the breakout rooms to further discuss the posters (15 min).