JoAnne Linnerooth‐Bayer

Insurance as an Equitable Response to Loss and Damage from Climate Change?”

JoAnne Linnerooth-Bayer is director of the Risk and Resilience (RISK) Program at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg, Austria. An economist by training, her current interest is global change and the risk of catastrophic events, and she investigates financial and other options for improving the management of catastrophic risks with a focus on the most vulnerable communities and countries. She and her colleagues have carried out extensive research on this topic, as well as nature-based solutions for disaster risk reduction, and are developing options for donor communities, as well as the climate adaptation community, to support pro-active disaster assistance. This research is part of her broader interest in governance and burden sharing especially in the context of adaptation to climate change.  She is also active in designing and carrying out deliberative stakeholder processes, including smart gaming approaches, that co-generate policy options for disaster risk reduction.

JoAnne has published over 100 articles on topics of catastrophic risk. She has served twice as lead author on the International Panel of Climate Change (IPCC). She is a founding member of the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative and serves on the boards of the Austrian Climate Research Program, and the European Commission Environment Advisory Committee. Other affiliations include the faculty of Beijing Normal University and the Science Committee of the Chinese Academy of Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management.