Never have I ever …used MyCourses for teaching

No worries! Take a sneak peak, how MyCourses can make your teaching life much easier!

MyCourses is a comprehensive learning management system that saves you a lot of time, once you have invested a bit of effort to put it in effective use!

MyCourses log in page
MyCourses interface ( before logging in.







Seven things you should know about MyCourses
  1. You can communicate with course participants.
  2. You can follow attendance.
  3. You can share course material, resources, links, and other content.
  4. You can set up and grade assignments, receive submissions and track completion progress.
  5. You can manage groups and facilitate discussions.
  6. You can organise remote exams and quizzes with assessment tools.
  7. You can operate Zoom, Teams, Panopto and Turnitin on MyCourses.
How to get started?

And there are more goodies…


Text: Jaana Brinck, LES – Teacher Services