Caption your videos automatically with Panopto

Did you know that every video uploaded into Panopto (whether it was created with Panopto or not) is machine-transcribed using ASR (automatic speech recognition technology) and thus making your videos accessible can be achieved with just couple of clicks.

To add these machine-generated captions within seconds go to Panopto editing mode and simply select “Captions” from the menu on the left side and choose “Import automatic captions” from the drop-down as shown here. Once the ASR-generated captions have populated, you can either edit them to ensure they are 100% accurate or simply click “Publish”.

Be curious and have a look how well Panopto machine-generation engine handles your speech and point is that 90% accurate captions are better than no captions at all. Also all videos unless intended for one time short period distribution and usage must have captions by legislation.


Captioning instructions

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