See your Zoom participants and chat while sharing presentation

Have you ever said the phrase “I cannot see your raised hands or the chat while I share my presentation” while teaching in Zoom and using PowerPoint simultaneously?

Here is a solution for that challenge.

Firstly set up your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Open your presentation
  • Go to the “Slide Show” tab and choose “Set up Slide Show”
  • Choose the “Browsed by an individual (window)” -option as a Show type and click “Ok”
  • Start your presentation


  • Scale the presentation window in such a way that you can take the “Participants” and “Chat” Zoom windows open side by side with the presentation.
  • In Zoom click “Share Screen” and choose the PowerPoint presentation you just started and click “Share”
  • Click into the PowerPoint presentation window to activate it for changing the slides. (Click with mouse, use arrow keys or use scroll wheel of your mouse).

Happy chatting!

Illustration how to find options for presenting powerpoint in a window

Illustration how you can share presentation in Zoom while having Zoom windows visible simultaneously