Virtual guest speaker with Bent group Stanford – other groups interested in an ALD fundamentals talk?

Yesterday, I participated a Prof. Bent group meeting (Stanford), giving again the presentation we gave jointly with Prof. Ruud van Ommen at the recent ALD conference (see previous post), entitled “On the fundamentals of ALD: the importance of getting the picture right”.

It was a pleasure and honor for me to be invited as a virtual guest speaker in the Bent group. Nice, lively and useful discussion on the fundamentals of ALD followed — thank you very much for everyone who was present! Special thanks to Josiah Yarbrough who invited me in the first place.

The discussion was so useful that it came to my mind: I could do this again. Would some other group in the world wish to have a similar “virtual ALD fundamentals visit” from me (or perhaps from Ruud van Ommen)? I’d be happy to meet e.g. via Zoom. The ALD fundamentals talk itself is about 15 min long, and it will be good to reserve ample time for discussion, for example 30 min. Just contact me – email or Twitter work fine.

Below is, for the record, a in introduction I quickly wrote for myself, for the Bent group talk (updated from Also as background, portal nicely shows my research output, where one can easily view my review papers separately.

“Riikka Puurunen was born in Pori, Finland, in 1974. She received the degree of Master of Science in Technology in 1998 and the degree of Doctor of Science in Technology in 2002 from Helsinki University of Technology. Her doctoral research, carried out under supervision of Professor Outi Krause and in collaboration with Fortum Oil and Gas Oy, dealt with the preparation of catalysts by atomic layer deposition (ALD). During 2003-2004, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC), Leuven, progressing ALD for high-k applications in semiconductor devices. In October 2004, Puurunen joined the MEMS technology group of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. There she worked until 2017, when accepting the position of associate professor in catalysis science and technology at Aalto University, School of Chemical Engineering, Finland. Puurunen’s general scientific interests are in understanding the physicochemical processes that govern the growth of materials by ALD and of heterogeneous catalysts in action. Puurunen drives for more openness in science and teaching and is the coordinator of the virtual project on the history of ALD, and initiator of the Aalto OpenLearning site on ALD, both openly accessible. In the field of ALD, Puurunen is likely most known for several impactful reviews, work on the history and fundamental models of ALD, and development of the recent microscopic lateral conformality test concept (PillarHallTM). You can connect with Riikka Puurunen for example on Twitter: handle @rlpuu. “


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