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Rasmus Viitala was my project teammate in the course Energy Business and Innovation, who is major in master’s program of Industrial Engineering and Management and CEMS. It’s a great pleasure working on the project with him. In fact, It’s very rare in my life to meet someone whose personality lights up the atmosphere wherever he or she goes. Rasmus is one of this unique kind, he is always fun, cheerful, upbeat, smart but also hardworking.

In the interview, he shares his study experience in Aalto University and exchange experience in Stanford University, University of British Columbia in Canada.  Those exchange experience in different countries changed his life and bonded him with other exchange students for life-long friendship. His third exchange is coming up next spring in University of Sydney, Australia. The focus will be a teamwork on major business projects with clients.

One of my favorite chairs in School of Business.

This spring School of Business moved from Töölö to Otaniemi. The new space design is spectacular. In Rasmus’ opinion, the biggest difference between Aalto and other universities is the diversification. The student culture is considered the most diverse and there is a strong and united community in Otaniemi campus where all three fields, business, technology and arts integrate together.  Moreover, most courses are case-based, which bring real-life experience for students.

School of Business.

Dynamic working space.

Biz Learning hub


In the second interview video, he shares about how he utilizes the diverse resources Aalto offers to create a mix of professions for his future career. Speaking from his own personal experience, he also provide tips on how to find a summer job. First of all, so many courses in Aalto are case-based with real clients, it’s a great way to build connections. Then, there is Aalto Career Web with all kinds of job opportunities.

Follow Rasmus’s advice, you can make the most of your time in Aalto University and build a bright future ahead.

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