Infradex Thermal Imaging Seminar in Aalto

Hadi Bordbar hosted “BRING THE HEAT” seminar in Aalto presented by FLIR in partnership with Infradex. Representatives of these two companies exhibited their up-to-date thermal imaging technologies and cameras during a 2 hours seminar. The event was free and open to all the Aalto’s employees and students. The participants received the certificate of attendance.

         Thermal bridge around a window

   Thermal portrait of some members of Aalto Fire Safety Eng. Group

from left: Rahul Janardhan, Aleksi Rinta-Paavola, Hadi Bordbar, Deepak Paudel, Simo Hostikka


The companies awarded a thermal imaging camera to Aalto Fire Safety Eng. group in compensations of Hadi Bordbar’s efforts in organizing the event. Here is a video of its unboxing ceremony 🙂




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