Panopto records: November Networking – ALD at Aalto University

At the “November Networking – ALD at Aalto University” event on November 29, 2019, we experimented with recording (some of the) talks with the Panopto lecture capture system available at Aalto University.

The records have now been finalized. Each author who participated in the Panopto recording was sent a link to check. Most were authors were fine with sharing. Some decided to decline, after all, and some have not answered the request (DL was December 10).

In the next table, the Panopto captures are shared for those talks, for which a permission to share has been confirmed. This recording was an experiment and done for the first time, and not all records are of fully satisfying voice quality (e.g. #3, unfortunately). Nevertheless, the records are shared, as we can learn most, also of quality issues, by having the examples available. Enjoy!

# Speaker Title Panopto link
1 Riikka Puurunen Opening
2 Kristiina Kruus Welcome address, Dean
3 Riikka Puurunen Brief introduction to ALD
4 Sami Sneck ALD at Beneq
7 Antti Karttunen Crystal structure prediction and spectroscopy for thin-film materials
9 Miguel Caro New machine learning based computational tools for materials modeling
10 Timo Sajavaara ALD and supporting research activities in Jyväskylä
11 Hele Savin ALD – key to efficient Si surface passivation
13 Riikka Puurunen Catalysis Research Group at Aalto University
19 Mikko Utriainen PillarHall – High Aspect Ratio silicon test chips
24 Ruud van Ommen (Invited guest speaker) ALD on particles: towards ton-scale production with nano-precision
25 Pia Sundberg Precursors for ALD
28 Sakari Lepikko, on Robin Ras’s group Molecular Layer Deposition of Self-Assembled Monolayers with ALD Reactor
29 Kari Laasonen Atomistic modelling of ZnO and Al2O3 ALD processes
30 Jari Koskinen Mechanical property measurements of ALD films
35 Riikka Puurunen Closing of the event

Event was supported by Aalto Materials Platform.Event webpage:

— Updates after initial publication

  • #10 added in the list, as of 12.12.2019

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