Map yourself to #LAK18 programme!

Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference and our workshop soon here!

Our pre-conference workshop is about how to use concept maps for students’ self-assessment and then build learning analytics dashboards using the data aggregated from the concept maps.

Now we invite you to take part in this co-creation process. This exercise will get you aquainted with our methodology and help you prepare for Learning Analytics and Knowledge 2018 conference!

We would like you to mark your mastery and feeling related to different themes and sessions of LAK18 on a concept map.

  • Mastery is marked with a number icon between 1-9. Number can be changed by clicking the numbers.
  • Feeling is marked with a smiley. Smiley can be changed by clicking the smileys.
  • You are also encouraged to find relationships between different themes and/or sessions, and give a label to the relationships.

A dashboard will be built using the data inserted and used in the workshop session.


  1. Copy following assignment access code: 6scHC
  2. Enter the access code here:
  3. Browse and fill your concept map as you wish. It is yours, but do note: we will use the provided data to create a dashboard for conference participants.
  4. Submit your assignment. Assignment opens up in a new tab. The submit button is at your assignment’s ‘home tab’.


You can register with your e-mail or register with a temporary account. Concept map can be edited online or offline with desktop software version. When you’re happy with the updates, submit it. You can later unsubmit it if you feel like it and make modifications to the contents.