Workshop details

Workshop activities

Co-creation of a learning analytics dashboard before and during the workshop.

The workshop/tutorial activities that participants should expect

Before workshop

Workshop team (i.e. authors) will produce a concept map template based on LAK18 conference themes and programme. Participants are asked to assess their emotional reaction and knowledge level on these topics. We also ask participants to find cross-links between different parts of the concept map.

During the workshop

Introduction: Participants will be asked to go next to those who have returned their concept map before. (15 minutes)

Group work 1: Small groups update the concept maps by adding their knowledge level and emotional reactions and finding cross-links between concepts. (30 minutes)

Presentation: Workshop team gives a presentation on the overall process of co-creating dashboards using concept maps. Perspectives of student, teacher, programme leader and administration are considered. (30 minutes)

Group work 2: Small groups ideate new prototypes utilizing presented tools and methods. Working method is based on Stanford’s Design Thinking Process (Plattner 2010). Groups are reformed so that participants choose their point of perspective: student, teacher, programme leader or administration. Groups are asked to brainstorm and come up with novel ideas for prototypes. (1 hour = 15 minutes brainstorming/ideating + 5 minutes iteration round + 5 minutes choosing one prototype + 25 minutes building prototype concept + 10 minutes preparing for presentation)

Group presentations: (5 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for discussion) x 4 = 40 minutes

Final remarks and discussions (5 minutes)

After the workshop

Participants will receive dashboard files based on the data they provided before and during the workshop.

Workshop objectives or intended outcomes

  1. Participants learn to identify the stages needed to build co-created dashboards from concept map kind of data.
  2. Participants learn to operate with concept maps from user’s point of view.
  3. Participants develop new ideas around the theme.
  4. Participants design a concrete prototype
  5. Participants demonstrate their own prototype

Overall objective is to develop new concepts, tools or usages for the demonstrated concept through co-creation and ideation. As the workshop will use LAK18 conference program as its material, the dashboard and the datasets will be published during the conference. We will be working under the hashtag #conceptmapanalytics.