New Podcasts section in ALD OpenLearning site (Nov 20, 2021)

Yesterday (Nov 20, 2021), a new section was published in the OpenLearning site on atomic layer deposition¬† (ALD). The site is available at the OpenLearning platform of Aalto University, direct link (can be found by searching for “ALD” or “atomic layer deposition”).

The Podcasts section contains each podcast (that the author of this blog and the author/curator of the ALD OpenLearning site currently is aware of) as a separate “page” (as in defined the Moodle platform). Currently, the following podcasts have their own page: ALD Stories by Beneq, Nanovation, STG podcasts, Suomalaisten Kemistien Seura (a Finnish society), People Behind the Science and ALD Pulse.

In each page, named according to the specific podcast, direct links have been included to ALD-related episodes, which were available at the time of opening the Podcasts section (Nov 20, 2021). Most podcasts are in English. One podcasts in Finnish has also been linked to, and in the future more links to podcasts in other languages than English can also be included. The episodes in English contain interviews of many ALD scientists, including such internationally known names like Dr. Tuomo Suntola (the Finnish inventor of ALD), Prof. Se√°n Barry, Prof. Stacey Bent, Prof. Erwin Kessels, Prof. Mikko Ritala, Dr. Jonas Sundqvist, Prof. Ruud van Ommen and Prof. Charles Winter (list in alphabetical order, except for Suntola). The author of this blog (Prof. Riikka Puurunen) also had the honor of being interviewed for the ALD Stories podcast by Beneq (related to the history of ALD).

If some podcast or episode is missing from the list, I will be happy to add it. Please let me know of missing items — email to (replace with my info) should work well. Also, if someone would *not* like to have their podcast/episode included in this collection, it can be removed — please in such case contact me as well.

Espoo, Finland, November 21, 2021

Riikka Puurunen

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