OpenTeaching : Introductory lecture on atomic layer deposition shared

Panopto is a great tool that we have available at Aalto University for making lecture capture.

Yesterday, I gave my first introductory lecture on atomic layer deposition (ALD) in general as a professor at Aalto University. I recorded the lecture with my own laptop, using one of the Panopto sets available since half a year or so at the School of Chemical Engineering.

The lecture capture worked out fine and the lecture can now be watched in Panopto:, as well as Youtube: The slides are available to view separately in SlideShare: A discussion thread was started in LinkedIn ALD – Atomic layer Deposition group (

Sharing teaching openly like this – in an OpenTeaching manner – is the first trial for me. Let us see what follows from it!

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  • on 13.11.2018: Youtube link added.
  • on 19.11.2018: LinkedIn group ALD – Atomic Layer Deposition, discussion thread link added


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