COVID-23 Social Distancing Necklaces Much More Comfortable than COVID-22 models

”This is light,  look at this baby”   says  Prof Damon Killian and picks up the new social distancing necklace for the next year’s up-and-coming pandemic du jour, COVID-23,, ”yet  it contains more advanced electronics and more TNT than  pandemic-2022  necklace. It is so  light and comfortable that  the citizen barely even notices it”.  Prof Killian leads  a team of 300 Wavelet University researchers combating  the on-going global pandemic which for years has taken a horrible toll on global population. ”Imagine, just last year more than 3 people were hospitalised from COVID-21 variant of the plague.”  Yet Killian is now more hopeful than ever: ”this baby makes it super-duper difficult to break quarantine and social distancing rules.  We need these babies to get  the Great Reset going!”


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