This is a blog site dedicated to Photography Exhibition Collaboration Project between Sushibar+Wine City and Photography Master’s Degree Programme at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Welcome to visit our photography exhibitions:

Sushibar+Wine City
Kauppakeskus Citycenter
Kaivokatu 8
00100 Helsinki
Opening hours: www.sushibar.fi/ravintolat
– New artworks shown every two months!

Exhibitions in 2019.
Exhibitions in 2018.

Note: All the artworks exhibited are for sale. You can collect the best pieces from rising stars of Finnish Art Photography. Please, contact the artist directly.

More information: sushibarexhibitions-photography-arts@aalto.fi

Project managers:
Esa Naukkarinen
Saara Mäntylä

Photography Studies at Aalto University

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