Attending Barcelona Convention with a support from Aalto Design Grants

European Blockchain Convention 2020 in Barcelona.

With the support from Department of Design Grants, I had the chance to attend the European Blockchain Convention for the first time last week. The grants are offered 4 times every year to “facilitate research, art, creative practice and learning dealing with design. Priority is given to enable participation to peer reviewed research and artistic events and forums for publishing the outcomes.” (Aalto website)

I applied for the Department of Design Grants in mid August to gain new information for my master thesis. One month after my application, I received a notification that I was granted an amount of 700 euros from Department of Design Express Grant. Two weeks later, I receive the full amount to cover the convention registration fee, accommodation, flights and other expenses. The grant eased my financial burden to attend an important convention outside of Finland. Usually, the registration fee of international seminars and conventions cost quite a lot. This one costs 238 euros, which is a big amount for students. I am really grateful to have the grant to advance my research on my master thesis.

The convention in Barcelona provided me up-to-date knowledge and information about the development of the promising new technology Blockchain in different fields, including supply chain management, public sectors, energy, healthcare, finance and more. The 2-day convention gave me new perspectives to continue my master thesis, and a great chance for networking in the industry.

For the application process, I submitted the application form, a proposal including my thesis plan, the reason why this convention is important to my research, a budget and a reference letter from my thesis supervisor. After using the grant, reporting is rather easy comparing to application. It requires 2-3 high quality documentary photos and 5-10 sentences for each photo, and the original receipts.

Barcelona city

Except for attending the convention, it was also a pleasure to visit Barcelona for the first time. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible, a storm hit east coast of Spain badly during my stay. But I still had a little time to walk around the city, be amazed by the marvelous masterpiece of Gaudi and visited few museums to gain more cultural nutritions, which is also precious for student designers.

There are grants and scholarships provided by different schools and departments at Aalto University to help students broaden their study experience beyond the campus and outside of Finland.

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Hsiao-Pei Liao,
Master Program of Creative Sustainability 

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