All about Creative Sustainability – Interview with program director Mikko Jalas

Master program of Creative Sustainability (CS) is an international joint program. Program Director Mikko Jalas introduces the program in two interview videos. In the first video, he explains why Creative Sustainability is an unique program, how the multidisciplinary teamwork prepares students for their future professional lives, what to expect the outcomes of studying CS program, and how CS and Aalto university support individual study plan.

In the second video, he introduces one of the major studio courses – Design for Government, how CS students works with the public sector, why Finland is a great country to study sustainability, an example of student initiatives – Test Site, what do CS alumni do after graduation, and who will be the ideal candidate for CS program application.

To obtain more information of CS program, you can also download the digital handbook designed by CS fellow students. In the handbook, there is useful information about an overview of CS program structure, tips for planning one’s own study plan and a list of five inspirational thematic blocks that make suggestions of elective courses to fit different study tracks.

Download the Digital Handbook of Creative Sustainability:
CS Business:
CS Design Design:

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Hsiao-Pei Liao,
Creative Sustainability Master Program

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