Aalto Creative Sustainability Master Program is my best choice – Julia Renko

In this interview, Julia Renko, a newly-graduated master student of Creative Sustainability (CS) Program, shares about her study experience in Aalto – why CS is her best choice and how the bachelor’s program of International Business in Mikkeli campus prepared her for the master study.

I met Julia in the autumn of 2017 when we were both recruited to do a Customized Student Business Project with City of Helsinki together. Our mission was to do research and provide solutions to make LUX Helsinki the most sustainable light art festival in Europe. In total, the project lasted for four months, and I had such a great time working with Julia and learned a lot from her as well. Julia is definitely the best teammate one can dream of. She is dedicated, smart, open-minded and organized. On top of everything else, she is always kind, thoughtful and humorous.

Right after submitting her thesis, she was recruited into Aalto Water and Environmental Engineering research group. Being a researcher is what she really loves to do. After the interview, she gave me a more elaborate answer on her future career path and thesis topic.

“For my future career path, I would wish to continue my learning journey about our planet’s and its people’s well-being. As a result of taking the SGT course, I have become more reassured that I want to learn more about development work, especially related to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, where I am interested in themes such as access to water, healthcare, and education. Through my CS major, as well as my minor in sustainable development, I have a broader understanding of the different socio-economic contexts in which people live, and I understand that the time and work required to operate there is very complex.

I wrote my thesis on developing community-based tourism in remote and marginalized areas, where people face challenges created by climate change, such as failing crops and water shortage, on top of the social and economic inequalities they already have to cope with. In such marginalized areas, people will have to work through their challenges through collaboration with national and international actors as a community – and that is something that requires commitment and resilience from them, something that I find very inspiring. So I hope to find opportunities to work in that field in the future. Maybe someday I will do more studies in that aspect. But for now I will focus on making it to work life.”

The world is desperate to have more talents committed to fight climate change and create solutions to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Julia Renko has completed her trainings in Aalto CS program successfully and has become an excellent new force in the field of sustainable development. Wish her all the best with opening a new chapter in life and leading an amazing career in the future that makes real difference.

Best wishes.

Hsiao-Pei Liao,
Creative Sustainability Master Program

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