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About Mikko

Mikko is the leader of Quantum Computing and Devices (QCD) Labs at Aalto University, Department of Applied Physics. His main research interests include quantum nanoelectronics and quantum gases.

Quantum era for bolometers begins

Ten years ago, we started to develop thermal radiation sensors, also know as bolometers, to sense single microwave photons. Nobody has thus far demonstrated this but now we start to be very close. So close that we got published in Nature! … Continue reading

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Photons break records in heat transport

Nature Physics has just published our paper titled Quantum-limited heat conduction over macroscopic distances. Here, we report an improvement in the range of this kind of maximally efficient heat conduction by a factor of 10,000 taking it up to a meter. This … Continue reading

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We tied quantum knots

As just reported by Nature Physics, our collaboration between Hall Labs (Amherst College, USA) and my Quantum Computing and Devices (QCD) Labs has succeeded in tying the first knot solitons in quantum matter. We created these quantum knots in the field  describing a dilute Bose-Einstein condensate … Continue reading

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Quantum-mechanical monopoles discovered

We did it! Our monopole collaboration (Aalto University, Finland, and Amherst College, USA) succeeded in observing an isolated point-like monopole in a quantum field itself for the first time. This discovery connects to important characteristics of the elusive magnetic monopole. The results will be published tomorrow … Continue reading

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Quantum Technology Marches On

In my last column in Helsingin sannomat, I wrote on the importance and great potential of quantum technology. It is truly the way of the future. Just yesterday we had the kick-off event of the Center for Quantum Engineering (CQE) here at Aalto. Inspiring talks were … Continue reading

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