Quantum Technology Marches On

In my last column in Helsingin sannomat, I wrote on the importance and great potential of quantum technology. It is truly the way of the future.

Just yesterday we had the kick-off event of the Center for Quantum Engineering (CQE) here at Aalto. Inspiring talks were given, for example, by Prof. Charlie Marcus (an ex Harvard Professor who moved to Copenhagen to led in their Center for Quantum Devices) and Colin Williams (D-Wave Systems, Inc.). At Aalto, CQE provides an exciting opportunity to work together at the frontiers of quantum technology, providing in future practical applications or critical components for such application.

Now I am thinking about the topic of my next column that will be published on May 4th. Perhaps it will be on the D-Wave quantum solver that Colin was talking about. On the other hand, we will be having big news out from my QCD Labs very soon (stay tuned). It is a difficult choice!


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Mikko is the leader of Quantum Computing and Devices (QCD) Labs at Aalto University, Department of Applied Physics. His main research interests include quantum nanoelectronics and quantum gases.
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