Let’s make dashboards!

Greetings from a slushy Finland!

We’re proud to have an opportunity to hold a workshop at #LAK18. In the workshop we will together create analytics dashboards – based on data that you will provide.

Before the conference, workshop attendees will be given a concept map template, built around LAK18 conference programme. Attendees will be asked to complement the concept map template with their knowledge, experiences and emotions about the themes in conference programme.

For the workshop, we will aggregate data from all these complemented concept maps, thus creating a dataset to analyze. We use the conference programme as a way to familiarize us to the technology constraints and possibilities. In addition, we will co-design new approaches creating dashboards for students, teachers, programme leaders and management. From another point of view we will utilize agile hands-on development with our sample data and design ideas for other types of dashboards as well.