Cruise info

Welcome to an all-inclusive Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki cruise November 8-10 on  M/S Silja Symphony!

Please note, that ALL TIMES, except Tuesday, are in the Europe/Helsinki time zone. All Tuesday times are in the Europe/Stockholm time zone.

Monday 8 November

11:15-11:45  Bus transport for TACEMM course participants from Aalto University Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1 F (in front of main entrance) to  Silja Tallink Olympia Terminal – South Harbour, Port of Helsinki (View on Google Maps)

11:30-12:15 Mary-Ann Alfthan distributes cruise tickets at the group counter, Olympia Terminal, South Harbour. Our cruise ship is Silja Symphony (Silja Tallink).  IF YOU ARRIVE LATER, the tickets can be picked up at the Group Counter (RYHMÄT). You will need the same ticket for the whole cruise! Please contact Mary-Ann, phone +358 50 305 4767, if you have questions! Please note boarding closes at 16:30!

12:00 Boarding. Bags and suitcases can be stored in the Aalto University meeting rooms on the Conference Deck. Cabins are available at 15:30.

12:00-13:00 Buffet lunch on board Silja Symphony in Restaurant Grande Buffet

17:00 The ship departs from Helsinki

13:00-19:00 Doctoral Education Network Afternoon & TACEMM course on the Conference Deck

19:30 Buffet

19:30 Buffet Dinner on board Silja Symphony in Restaurant Grande Buffet

Tuesday 9 November

7:00 – Breakfast on board, restaurant Grande Buffet

9:45 Arrival Stockholm, Värtan Harbour. Cabins will remain the same and you can leave your things for the day on the boat. Corona certificates may be checked as we leave the boat.

10:00  Bus transport to Stockholm University, Department of Data and Systems Sciences, Kista, approx. 30 min. Program & lunch.

Approx 13:30 Bus transport from Kista to Stockholm city centre. You will have approx 1-1,5 hours for sightseeing. The bus will wait for us outside the National Theater “Dramaten” (to be confirmed!) and departs at 15:15 to transport us to Värtan harbour.

Please note – if you visit Stockholm on your own, make sure you are back in the Värtan harbour by 16:00 – boarding closes at 16:15! There is usually heavy traffic after 15:30 and taxi prices are high – so make sure you are on time back at the bus or in the terminal.

16:45 Silja Symphony cruise ship departs (boarding no later than 16:15!)  There is a sauna department for relaxing, bring your own swimwear (can be rented on board the ship)!

19:00-20:00 Happy hour with drinks, Conference deck

20:00 Dinner, Tavolàta Ristorante


Wednesday 10 November

7:00 –  Breakfast on board

10:30 Arrival in Helsinki, South Harbor

10:45 Bus transport (optional) to Aalto University campus, Otakaari 1

12:00 Lunch for TACEMM attendees in Restaurant Alvari, Aalto Undergraduate Centre

13:00 TACEMM course