Program at a Glance

IMPORTANT: How to get to Otakaari 1F, Room M1 on Monday

  1. Travel to Otaniemi. Use, for example, the Helsinki public transport journey planner HSL (https://www.hsl.fi/en). The address of the Aalto Undergraduate Centre is Otakaari 1 .
  2. If taking the metro (station Aalto-yliopisto – Aalto-universitetet – Aalto University),  choose the Otaniementie exit (do not take the Tietotie exit).
  3. Get to the Aalto Undergraduate Center (View on Google Maps).
  4. Get to Room M1. Use for example SALGuide (http://salguide.aalto.fi).
  5. Welcome!

Detailed Programs

Trans-Atlantic Infraday Conference (Click to view)

Doctoral Eduation Network (Click to view)

Trans-Atlantic Cooperation on Energy Market Modeling (Click to view)

Cruise program (Click to view)