Running Otaniemi

You probably already know that Otaniemi has much to offer and is a retreat for everyone who likes to spend time outdoors. But once remote teaching started in April, I began to cherish the green heart of Otaniemi even more.

It’s nice to see how many people enjoy the walk around the Laajalahti Nature Reserve. You see kids on bicycles, bird watchers with oversized binoculars, a running group and sunset lovers and not to forget about students walking their dogs and even cats. But it’s never too crowded and you’ll always find a free spot along the shore for a picnic between the pines.

The cool water of the bay is also inviting after a long exhausting run, when sweat and bones is all that is left of you. There are several spots and jetties where you can just jump right into the refreshing water.

I prefer running in autumn and around sunset when the shoreline is immersed in a warm crimson light. I’m not a particularly fast runner, nor do I have much endurance for longer runs, but all this doesn’t really seem to matter here.

However If you enjoy a more competitive side of running or simply want to prove how fast you can go, the Aalto 10k and 5k run might be the right thing for you. The sport event is part of the Rantamaraton Weekend. Rantamaraton is held every year in September. On Saturday the marathon and the half-marathon take place. On Sunday you can participate in Aalto’s 10 or 5-kilometer runs which are free of charge for all Aalto staff, students and alumni. There’s even a 1 km run for kids! If you don’t feel like running but you still want to be part of the event you can also volunteer and support the organizers while feeling the spirit of the Otaniemi run. Next year will already be the 14th edition of Otaniemi’s Running Event. 

Here you find more information about the the (half-) marathon;

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