Interview with ayy – Aalto Student Union

AYY (Aalto-yliopiston ylioppilaskunta) is Aalto University’s Student Union, which represents around 14000 students. In the interview, Tapio Hautamäki (Chair of the Borad) and Rosa Väisänen (Specialist of international affairs and sustainability) introduce AYY about its services for student members, major events every year, supports for new Aalto students and so on.

AYY’s goal is to enable the best student’s life in the world for its members by promoting wellbeing and developing the teaching at Aalto University.

AYY provides services that directly affect the well-being of Aalto students. The affordable and high-quality student housing provides homes for 3200 student members. Its rental services include sauna, sitsit, festive and meeting facilities and a van at an affordable price. I’ve been to two saunas run by Ayy in the summer time. Both have stunning bay views, we enjoyed swimming in the bay and a great Finnish summer experience. Besides, Ayy specialists offer advice and advocacy for members.

In order to support new students, starting from May, Ayy trained around 900 tutors to ensure new Aalto students are well taken care of and they will kick off a great start at Aalto University and in Finland. I am one of the tutors this year, I appreciated that Ayy offers great guidance and supports for all tutors.

When I got admitted to Aalto in 2017, the enrollment process can only be completed by paying Ayy membership fee. I was also surprised that the student housing is run by Ayy instead of the university. This  is very different from my study experience in Taiwan, where schools handle all student affairs directly from registration to housing. During my study at Aalto University, I learn that student unions are independent and powerful. AYY looks after the needs of its members with great services. Therefore, the students rights at Aalto University has covered all aspects of student life.

Come study at Aalto and enjoy an amazing student life here. New applications for our programs starts soon.
Master’s admissions: 2.12.2019-3.1.2020
Bachelor’s admissions (English): 8.1-22.1.2020
Bachelor’s admissions (Finnish and Swedish): 18.3-1.4.2020

Hsiao-Pei Liao,
Master’s Program in Creative Sustainability 

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