Happy New Year

New Year fireworks in Senate Square.

Last night I went to see the New Year Eve’s show in the Senate Square. When I arrived around 11pm, it’s easy to walk around the crowd and reach a nice position in front of the stage. Comparing to my past experience in Sydney and Taipei, to be able to get a great view, one needed to be there hours before the fireworks started. Only until the fireworks was done, everyone was leaving the square, I experienced the most crowded moment in Helsinki. For the first time, I was pushed around by the crowd in Finland.

The show was pretty good. Although my Finnish is such a beginner’s level and couldn’t understand the lyrics. I liked the Finnish pop music. Not soon after I arrived, it stared raining/snowing. The snow was flying in the beam lights. Very beautiful.

Wish everyone a great new start into 2019 and have a wonderful adventure ahead.

Hsiao-Pei from Creative Sustainability Master Program

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