Pole dancing at Aalto!

When I was a kid, I did rhythmic gymnastics like any other Russian girl. At some point, I had to quit and go for education rather than full-time sports career. Long story short, I came to Finland and started studying at Aalto.

I was looking for gymnastics-related sports activities on campus and came across the Otanko Pole Dancing Association. The classes are taught in English/Finnish by Aalto students and alumnis and one must only pay 15 eur per year to be a member.

Pole dancing? Should not be too difficult. I gave it a try.

I remember my first class. Pole dancing was not as easy as it looked like. Somehow I came to the “advanced” class instead of the one for beginners. I saw all the girls (and a guy) doing beautiful spins and tricks gracefully and I could not even do a simple step-around.

Eventually, I got better. Sometimes I am still one of the worst in class, especially when arm muscles are needed. However, at certain tricks involving back flexibility and splits, I am even better than instructors.

I want to encourage everyone to come and try pole dancing themselves. It does not matter whether you have any gymnastics experience or not. Pole dancing suits everyone! And yes, we have men too.

See you there next time! Take a towel with you to wipe the pole and put on shorts for better grip!

Ekaterina Sakarinen

P.S. If you are 100% sure that pole dancing is not for you check out cheerleading with Aalto Predators, aikido with Aalto Aikikai or any other activity from the list.

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