An exhibition of design student’s ceramics works

Final exhibition in Väre 2F exhibition space.  The course Manufacturing Technologies and Materials in Studio Production is taught and supervised by Eeva Jokinen, Leena Juvonen and Nathalie Lautenbacher.

In the beginning of the first period, I went to the new ceramics workshop in Väre to ask for a working permit. There was a ceramics class going on at that time. I’ve been interested in ceramics course since I tried out ceramics by myself in May. I asked the teacher if I could attend the course and luckily there was still a free spot. Until later on, I realized the course was ‘Manufacturing Technologies and Materials in Studio Production’ and taught in Finnish for undergraduate students in Design Program. Kindly, the teachers gave me instructions in English separately. We learned all the basic skills of ceramics works. It included how to throw on the wheel, hand build sculpture, experiment on glaze and so on. 

Ceramics workshop moved to Väre from Arabia campus and reopened in August 2018.

The Glaze Lab in Ceramics Workshop. We created different glazes from the scratch in the lab.

The course was quite intensive, four contact days per week and one day for the independent work. The course provided us knowledge and skills for ceramics. I learned step by step and the teachers were there in the studio from Monday to Thursday to demonstrate skills and provide guidance. Therefore, I had the chance to correct the mistakes immediately and explore more and further.

In the end of October, the ceramics works created by the design students have been exhibited in Väre exhibition space on second floor. The works are amazing.

<And the Shades Slowly Pass From Us> created by Anna Jaatinen.                                                           <Ja Hitaasti Varjot Poistuvat Luotamme>

Glaze test pieces created by Anna Jaatinen.

<Plastic Bag> created by Anni Vilkko. Instagram @Vilkkoa                                                                         The concept originated from her concerns toward climate change and environment issues.

<Rhythms> created by Emilie Tuuminen and her collection of plates with different glazes.

Glaze test pieces created by Emilie Tuuminen and Teemu Siika.

<Uurna> created by Hanna Herva.

<Covers> created by Henriikka Pahkala.

<Adventure> created by Hsiao-Pei Liao. This is my work. Making ceramics is always full of surprises. The plate cracked during the drying process. The light house and boats were made for another sculpture. I came up with this idea when we set up the exhibition.

Created by Soli Uuttera.

Created by Tatu Rouvinen.

Glaze test pieces created by Tatu Rouvinen and Theo Weckstroöm.

<The Guardian of Childhood Innocence> created by Teemu Siika.

Created by Theo Weckstroöm.

With profound workshop resources in Aalto University. Bachelor’s Program of Design provides precious chances for students to work with different physical materials, such as ceramics, glass, wood, metal, fabric and etc.

Aalto University will start an English program of Design next year, 3-year Bachelor of Art and 2-year Master of Art. International students are welcome to apply from Jan 9-23, 2019.
More information about the program:

Workshops in Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Hsiao-Pei Liao,
Creative Sustainability, Design

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