Aalto Experience of the exchange student Sebastian Wolf

Sebastian Wolf is a talented photographer and a versatile artist from Germany. He started his one-year exchange in Aalto since last summer and enjoyed Aalto and Finland a lot. I met Sebastian in the ceramics workshop when we both went there for an introduction session conducted by the workshop master Tomi Pelkonen, who kindly showed us the basic throwing skills. Of course, we tried out on the wheels afterwards. I realized how hard it was and couldn’t make out of anything. Then I turned around and saw that Sebastian had already done his first cup. He’s a total natural.

Throwing in the ceramics workshop.

From Sep 25th to 29th, Sebastian has an exhibition in Helsinki called Test Lab – Status Flux among other 9 artists studying photography and media art in Aalto.
During his study here, he photographed stunning portraits of Aalto staff and students.

Find out more in his website and Instagram.
Website www.sebastianwolf.photo
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sebastianwolf.photo

Aalto has 27 workshops for students to try out their ideas and prototyping.

Photography studies at Aalto University

Hsiao-Pei Liao,
Creative Sustainability, Design

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