A Taste of Working Life at Silicon Valley- Aalto ME310

Whether you are into technology or IT, or for that matter in product development, Silicon Valley is the one place that would come in mind as a work place which would definitely be a life event for you that will be really hard to check in the wish list of yours. Reason for this could be that stakes are high in the most advanced research tech companies and margin of failure is low. What would it take you to get this dream come true? Yes, you heard this right! Aalto University has the solution for you. ME310 is a platform where you learn to apply the product development concepts at whole new level with real life projects offered by companies which are looking for solutions to problems that will make the world experience more comfortable for all of us.

ME310 Aalto is a Masters level global innovation program with a multidisciplinary team to bring up solutions to real-life challenges by a yearlong collaboration among the teams and their international partners as a part of global ME310 network called (SUGAR). This makes ME310 a global design team working from a common goal from across the globe.

Final proof-of-concept prototypes are displayed at Stanford Design Fair each June at Stanford, California. Through the course of the project, students learn, apply and experience the Stanford Design Innovation Process. The process is based on need-finding, benchmarking, iterative prototyping and user testing to enable students to learn quickly about the field at hand and create innovative ideas. All teams begin their projects at Stanford University where they participate in design thinking workshops and experience the entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley. The fact that this course is currently taught in seventeen different universities and four different continents.

I will quote one of the projects here for you to give you an idea about the innovative ideas that are being cooked in ME 310 Aalto this year by our Game Changers. One team, in collaboration with Stanford Design team, is working on the finding a new solution to water transportation paradigm to eliminate the conventional pipeline work as pipelines are at the end of their service and a huge investment in the field is required to replace them. Similarly, one team is working on a healthcare process to treat diabetics based on their needs. Many other projects are also being developed and we will soon see the end result with an innovative idea this summer.

So, to check-off your one dream come join Aalto University and be a part of ME310 course. Our Game Changers are establishing new boundaries when it comes to design and innovation and we would love to have you on our team as well.

By Waqas

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