Keynotes & Panel

terje_aven   Terje Aven: Security Risk: What is it and how should it be expressed?

Terje Aven is Professor of Risk Analysis and Risk Management at the University of Stavanger, Norway. He is also the President-elected of the SRA international.


Mark_BurgmanMark Burgman: Expert judgement and security: reliability and reasoning in geopolitical forecasts

Mark Burgman is Professor and Head of Department, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London. Formerly, he was Director of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis, University of Melbourne.

Sissel_HaugdalSissel Haugdal: Security culture and the intersection of safety and security

Sissel Haugdal Jore is Assistant Professor and the University of Stavanger, Norway. She has worked as leader of the Center for Risk Management and Societal Safety in Stavanger.

(Foto: Anders Minge, Stavanger Aftenblad)


Margaret MacDonell, Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University and Cumulative Risk Program Manager, Argonne National Laboratory (multidisciplinary science and engineering research center) USA. Title of the key note talk will be announced later.


Ahti Salo:  Security and Adversarial Risk Analysis 

Ahti Salo is Professor of Systems Analysis at the Aalto University, Finland.


Panel discussion on Risk and Security/Safety (2nd of November)

5-6 Panellists from different sectors (the names will be announced soon): panellists are experts in the cybersecurity, terrorism, food and safety etc.


Chair of the panel discussion on Risk and Security/Safety (2nd of November)
Ragnar Löfstedt is Professor of Risk Management at Kings College, London. He  works on promoting evidence-based policy making in Europe.

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