The 35th NOFOMA Conference will be jointly hosted by Aalto University School of Business & Hanken School of Economics.

The main program for the conference will take place on the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi, Espoo at Maarintie 8, TUAS building.

How to get there

Metro (Aalto-yliopisto, Aalto University)

There are two exits from the Metro station, Otaniementie and Tietotie. Via Otaniementie, you can access the Main Buildings and A Bloc shopping mall as well as the Hotel Radisson SAS Otaniemi. Via exit Tietotie, you can easily reach TUAS building, Maarintie 8.

The Metro line’s end station in the west is Kivenlahti (Espoo), and in the east Vuosaari or Mellunmäki (Helsinki). The Metro runs every 2-3 minutes at Aalto University station during the rush hour, and every 4–5 minutes at other times. The journey from Kamppi to Aalto University in Otaniemi takes 11 minutes.

By bus

Besides the Metro, there are some bus lines serving Otaniemi: 52, 111, 550, 510 and 555. All these stop by the Aalto University Metro station, entrance A (Otaniementie). Outside the Metro operating hours bus 108N runs to Otaniemi.

Single metro or bus tickets can be bought in advance at the ticket machines or from the HSL mobile application. The same ticket is valid on buses and the metro.


The parking areas behind the TUAS building Maarintie 8 require a university permit for visitors – please contact the registration desk.

By plane

  • Otaniemi is approximately 22 km away from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.
  • Taxi fare is around 40 euros (travel time about 30 minutes).
  • Public transport from the airport takes about an hour: either the train or bus the Helsinki Central Railway station and metro to Aalto University. From the airport you need a zone ABC metro/bus/train ticket. From the city centre you need an AB ticket.

Helsinki Regional Transport HSL (
Helsinki region service map (


If you wish to see some sights and experience Helsinki, the capitol city of Finland, then accommodation in the city center is recommended. Travel to the conference area at the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi, Espoo is convenient with the metro, so you may want to look at hotels close to metro stations.

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A map with all of the metro stations/entrances can be found here:,24.824494,12.54z?hl=en

Aalto University campus