Aalto University is proud to organize Forum on Markets and Marketing (FMM) 2022 at Aalto University Töölö, Helsinki, June 12-15.

The Forum on Markets and Marketing (FMM) is a biennial conference that gathers together world-leading experts on markets and marketing from around the world. The purpose of FMM is to advance the development of service-dominant logic by focusing on foundational issues related to markets and marketing, and exploring the cross-disciplinary foundations of service-dominant logic. Unlike most conferences, there are no paper presentations or parallel sessions. Rather, the attendees present, discuss and debate ideas in one plenary session throughout the conference. The outcome is normally the development and publication of multiple papers by groups of attendees with common interests, often published in a special issue of a journal.

FMM 2022 is sponsored by Aalto University, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

Organizing committee:
Jaakko Siltaloppi, Aalto University
Stephen L. Vargo, University of Hawaii
Elina Jaakkola, University of TurkuValtteri Kaartemo, University of Turku