AOM 2017 PDW Workshop: Frontiers of Digital History Methods

Frontiers of Digital History Methods and Tools for Management, Organization, and History Scholars

Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 132 | Submission: 16488 | Sponsor(s): (MH)
Scheduled: Friday, Aug 4 2017 2:00PM – 4:00PM at Hyatt Regency Atlanta in Hanover Hall E

Presenter: Michael RowlinsonU. of Exeter
Organizer: Robin GustafssonAalto U.
Presenter: Charles Edward HarveyNewcastle U.
Presenter: Mirko ErnkvistRatio Institute
Presenter: Mairi MacleanU. of Bath
Presenter: Johann Peter MurmannU. of New South Wales
Organizer: Mirko ErnkvistRatio Institute
Moderator: Robin GustafssonAalto U.
Presenter: David A. KirschU. of Maryland

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