AOM 2017 PDW Workshop: Frontiers of Digital History Methods

Frontiers of Digital History Methods and Tools for Management, Organization, and History Scholars

Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 132 | Submission: 16488 | Sponsor(s): (MH)
Scheduled: Friday, Aug 4 2017 2:00PM – 4:00PM at Hyatt Regency Atlanta in Hanover Hall E

Presenter: Michael RowlinsonU. of Exeter
Organizer: Robin GustafssonAalto U.
Presenter: Charles Edward HarveyNewcastle U.
Presenter: Mirko ErnkvistRatio Institute
Presenter: Mairi MacleanU. of Bath
Presenter: Johann Peter MurmannU. of New South Wales
Organizer: Mirko ErnkvistRatio Institute
Moderator: Robin GustafssonAalto U.
Presenter: David A. KirschU. of Maryland

This PDW sets out to provide a broad overview and insights to management, organization, and history scholars at large on the current research forefront in how digital databases, methods and tools could contribute to the integration of management, organization, and history research. Overall the PDW centers on the idea for outlining opportunities and current frontier work with digital methods and tools for systematic digital reconstruction of historical sources, rigor and transparency of analysis and inference from evidence. These methodological advances enable new forms of scholarship and research groups collaborations. This PDW will: (1) introduce the participants to the historical developments of digital databases, tools and methods; (2) provide perspectives by forerunner management, organization, and business history researchers on methodological advantages, challenges and opportunities with digital history methods and tools for the integration of management, organization, and historical research; (3) present leading recent research work with digital methods and tools using large-scale digitized historical sources and evidence; (4) provide ample of time for Q&As and open discussions.
Search Terms: Digital history methods | Large qualitative datasets | Research methods

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