ESG data available at Aalto University Department of Finance

For ESG data there are two alternatives, Morningstar Direct and Eikon/Datastream. 

Morningstar Direct

For ESG scores of mutual funds, you should go for the Morningstar Direct.

The Morningstar sustainability rating is based on number of globes

For documentation on how to use the available ESG data please see this link.

Also there are some training videos available on how to use Morningstar. First go to room Q301 and find the single computer labeled with Morningstar. Log in with your Aalto credentials and open Morningstar from the icon. If it does not open, close the window and try again.

Next go to “learning centre”, “Online training” and “new users”. 

This figure shows you how to access Morningstar Training videos


 For ESG data on companies, you should use Eikon/Datastream.

Importantly, be aware that ESG data cannot be found for all companies. Second, you should understand the ESG scoring system before planning on how to analyze the data.

Thes ESG score from Eikon is based on more than 400 measures

Tried ESG counting