6 useful resources for updating those econometrics skills

Maybe you are about to start your thesis, but it has already been a while since taking that course in econometrics. Here you find some links, which should be helpful. 

1. Do you need a refresher on econometric methods, specifically in a corporate finance context? Then take a look at the slides for the course Empirical Methods in Corporate Finance.

2. Have you ever wondered how to use VBA in Excel? Here’s a quick example of changing data from a wide format to a long format, which is suitable for importing into other statistical software.

3. IDRE @ UCLA (Institute for Digital Research and Education) – Great resource for data manipulation and econometrics in different software packages.

4. Want to learn how to use R? Here you will find an free introductory course by DataCamp.

5. In case you do not remember how to run a Fama-French regression for stocks in Excel, you might find the video below rather helpful.

6. Finally, for multiple regression you might also want to check out the picture below.

Econometrics and multiple regression