Great links for running Eikon through API’s

This post is for you who are into programming and want to use the benefits of API’s. Here you find great links including examples of Jupyter Notebooks code.

This first link tells you how to:

  • How to set up a Python environment to use with the Eikon Data API (with conda)
  • How to install the Eikon Data API Python wrapper
  • How to take the first steps with Python and the Eikon Data API (retrieving historical data and some news headlines

This is a third party implementation for Python:

Finally, there is a series of 13 tutorial videos and accompanying Jupyter notebooks – on various applications of this new API.

Also see Eikon Developer Community Forum.

Also see this post

Finally, get acquainted with Codebook – An Integrated Python Scripting Environment with Access to Refinitiv APIs. This is an application within Eikon and you can find it by typing “codebook” in the Eikon search window.

Here you can a webinar on Codebook.  You might also view this fact sheet.