Data sets available from room T316 on Tuesdays at 13.00-15.00

Some datasets accessible for Aalto University Finance students cannot be accessed through the web nor data room Q301. Here is a list of data sets that are accessible, but require that you come to room T316 on Tuesdays earliest on 13.00 and early enough to be ready with your data gathering at 15.00.

Finnish companies

Voitto+ is a data set from Asiakastieto containing financial statements data from 210 000 Finnish companies, but excluding banks.

An alternative for financial statements data for Finnish companies is the ETLA/Talouselämä 500 database.

For Finnish securities there are two types of pricing and trading data. Of these, ITCH is the more complex one, and is not recommended to use without an clear idea on how to do this.

International data

Lipper Tass Hedgefund database is available. In addition, we have a snapshot of the BoardEx database. Regarding WRDS, please keep in mind that remotely accessible WRDS database also contains blockholders data.  

For Private Equity you can gain access to Preqin. Here is one example of a publication where Preqin is used. Several private equity databases are often merged. Please keep in mind that the access to Eikon/SDC Platinum from room Q301 and also Orbis and Zephyr, which can be accessed through the library  from Aalto University computers.