Catalysis research group end-of-the-year summary 2022

The year 2022 is soon coming to end.

Oh, what a challenging year it was, in so many ways. February 24 started a new chapter in history, and recovery from Covid-19 has only been going on still. Related to Catalysis Professor’s Open, I did not even manage to create a single post, although there were also positive news among all the turmoil and challenges.

Here is a recap of some of the good news from 2022. For example, my group was heavily involved in organizing the 19th Nordic Symposium on Catalysis in Espoo, Finland. Several from the group had their first-ever in-person conference participation experience at ALD 2022, Ghent, June 2022. I got interviewed to the ALD Stories podcast about conformality in atomic layer deposition (ALD). Five Master’s thesis were completed under my supervision. The three projects we have with external funding (HDN cat, COOLCAT, ALDI), progressed well, and funding was acquired for one more (GreenAro) — I am looking forward to working with zeolites and collaboration with VTT and Åbo Akademi in GreenAro. Also, I gave my tenured professor’s installation talk: Catalysis meets atomic layer deposition, video available at

In 2022, the Catalysis research group published four scientific articles (one of them a proceedings paper). I am especially happy to see the first article out related to research initiated by me as professor at Aalto University, with grant from Academy of Finland (Applied Catalysis B). Good news is that there is more in the pipeline :).

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


2022O.M.E. Ylivaara, A. Langner, S. Ek, J. Malm, J. Julin, M. Laitinen, S. Ali, S. Sintonen, T. Sajavaara, H. Lipsanen, R. L. Puurunen,Thermomechanical properties of aluminum oxide thin films made by atomic layer deposition,Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 40, 062414 (2022)
2022Aitor Arandia, Jihong Yim, Hassaan Warraich, Emilia Leppäkangas, René Bes, Aku Lempelto, Lars Gell, Hua Jiang, Kristoffer Meinander, Tiia Viinikainen, Simo Huotari, Karoliina Honkala, Riikka L. PuurunenEffect of atomic layer deposited zinc promoter on the activity of copper-on-zirconia catalysts in the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to methanolApplied Catalysis B: Environmental, 321 (2023) art. 122046.
2022Mikko Utriainen, Kimmo Saastamoinen, Heikki Rekola, Oili M. E. Ylivaara, Riikka L. Puurunen, and Pasi HyttinenOptical metrology of 3D thin film conformality by LHAR chip assisted methodProc. SPIE 12008, Photonic Instrumentation Engineering IX, 120080D (5 March 2022) [Note: non-peer-reviewed conference proceedings publication]
2022Jihong Yim, Emma Verkama, Jorge Velasco, Karsten Arts, and Riikka L. Puurunen,Conformality of atomic layer deposition in microchannels: impact of process parameters on the simulated thickness profile,Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 24 (2022) 8645-8660.

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