Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK – Annual Report 2016

As a continuation of the previous posts (post 1post 2, post 3) this post overviews the Annual Report of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK, year 2016, related to misconducts in responsible conduct of research (RCR). The titles of the report’s Section 3, Handling of allegations of RCR misconduct, are repeated here. More detailed information on the anonymised case and statement descriptions can be found in the original report: Non-anonymized information can be further requested from TENK.

3.2. Verified RCR Violations at Research Organisations

  • Case 1: Plagiarism led to the rewriting of a thesis
  • Case 2: Supervisors used students’ material as their own in an article
  • Case 3: One of the authors of an original article was omitted from the translation of the article

3.3. RCR Statements Requested from and Issued by TENK

  • Statement 1: The author of a publication drawn up in corporate cooperation was not governed by RCR guidelines
  • Statement 2: A press release led to a preliminary inquiry
  • Statement 3: A long dispute over authorship required a more extensive investigation
  • Statement 4: A university of applied sciences was unable to ignore an allegation against a member of staff
  • Statement 5: A university investigated a dispute over authorship and material but left the matter undecided
  • Statement 6: Inadequacies in the reference practices of a Master’s thesis were not plagiarism
  • Statement 7: The acquisition of funding had to be specified more clearly on a CV
  • Statement 8: Scientific editorship and the responsibility of the editor-in-chief

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