Co-creation afternoon with AaltoCatalysis+ networking evening

On Tue 26 March, we had a co-creation afternoon with the group. In the evening, we continued with an information networking event, where all my doctoral students and their advisors were invited. All doctoral students + the current one postdoc had a chance to introduce themselves with a max 1 slide / 3 min presentation. Those who were not present, were offered the possibility to make a max 3 min video introduction of oneself, which we would watch together.

I write this post mostly as a ”note to self”, to come back to when organising the next event — quite surely, some will follow. The presentation materials  (who are we + Open Science MOOC report) can be shared in a limited way with my doctoral students, only I am not yet sure, how to best do this. The Panopto capture of my presentation on doctoral studies can be viewew by anyone at Aalto University, through this link, also available through the My Courses site Thesis supervision Riikka Puurunen 2018 – . There were 8 persons present in the cocreation part and 11 in the evening part. And one video to watch — thanks for its creator(s) 😊.


  • Start at Micronova at 12:30 (sauna space, 5th floor)
  • First: we will have a regular max-1 h team meeting (hopefully less) (5 min results/news + Riikka general stuff)
  • Co-creation part, things to do pre-planned

More people invited from 16:30 on, AaltoCatalysis+ networking evening

Communicated agenda (reality was slightly different):

  • 16:30 Arrival in Micronova
  • Opening & update of doctoral studies at Aalto CHEM / Catalysis (Puurunen, max 20 min – Panopto record made for sharing?)
  • Pizza time
  • Who are we? Short presentations (max ~ 3 min) by the doctoral students & postdocs (along with pizza)
  • Learnings from a MOOC on Open Science (max ~15 min)
  • Sauna and free time


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