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Year 2017 was a year a changes to the Industrial Chemistry and Catalysis group at Aalto University, as two new professors started: Prof. Riikka Puurunen (Catalysis Science and Technology) in February (part time 60% until the end of July, full time thereafter); and Prof. Yongdan Li (Industrial Chemistry) in June (directly full time).

When the year approaches the end, it is interesting to look back and summarize the achievements of the year. Despite the fact that the new professors have only recently started, the group has in 2017 produced in total ten peer-reviewed scientific publications. This is thanks to on-going research created by earlier group leaders and the proactive group members including an experienced senior lecturer. Also two doctoral theses have been defended and several oral and poster presentations given at international conferences and local events. The details of the peer-reviewed journal articles and doctoral theses are given at the end of the post.

With these words and the references, it is a pleasure to wish the blog readers – if there are any yet 🙂 – a joyous and peaceful Christmas time, and success for 2018!


Scientific peer-reviewed articles published in relation with the IndChemCat group in 2017:

E. Ahvenniemi et al. (62 authors, including J. Kanervo, O. Krause, R. L. Puurunen) Review Article: Recommended reading list of early publications on atomic layer deposition—Outcome of the “Virtual Project on the History of ALD” Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 35 (2017) 010801
I. Coronado, M. Stekrova, L.G. Moreno, M. Reinikainen, P. Simell, R. Karinen, J. Lehtonen Aqueous-phase reforming of methanol over nickel-based catalysts for hydrogen production Biomass and Bioenergy 106 (2017) 29-37
A. Gutierrez, E.-M. Turpeinen, T.-R. Viljava, O. Krause Hydrodeoxygenation of model compounds on sulfided CoMo/γ-Al2O3 and NiMo/γ-Al2O3 catalysts; Role of sulfur-containing groups in reaction networks Catalysis Today 285 (2017) 125-134
S. F. Hashmi, H. Meriö-Talvio, K. J. Hakonen, K. Ruuttunen, H. Sixta Hydrothermolysis of organosolv lignin for the production of bio-oil rich in monoaromatic phenolic compounds Fuel Processing Technology 168 (2017) 74-83
S. Jaatinen, R. Karinen, J. Lehtonen Liquid Phase Furfural Hydrotreatment to 2-Methylfuran with Carbon Supported Copper, Nickel, and Iron Catalysts ChemistrySelect 2 (2017) 51-60
S. Jaatinen, R. Karinen Furfural Hydrotreatment Applying Isopropanol as a Solvent – the Case of Acetone Formation Topics in Catalysis 60 (2017) 1473-1481
S. Jaatinen, M. Stekrova, R. Karinen Ni- and CuNi-modified activated carbons and ordered mesoporous CMK-3 for furfural hydrotreatment Journal of Porous Materials (2017), in press
S Jaatinen, J. Touronen, R. Karinen, P. Uusi-Kyyny, V. Alopaeus Hydrogen solubility in furfural and 2-propanol: Experiments and modeling Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 112 (2017) 1-6
M. Stekrova, A. Rinta-Paavola, R. Karinen Hydrogen production via aqueous-phase reforming of methanol over nickel modified Ce, Zr and La oxide supports Catalysis Today (2017), in press
T. Viinikainen, J. Lehtonen Toluene oxidation in the absence and presence of CO, CO2, water and H2 over ZrO2-based gasification gas clean-up catalysts ChemistrySelect 2 (2017) 1663-1670

Doctoral theses defended in relation with the IndChemCat group in 2017:

Noora Kaisalo Tar reforming in biomass gasification gas cleaning
Tiia Viinikainen Characterization of zirconia-based gasification gas clean-up catalysts

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