Last post in Period I

Today is the last day of period I that means the half of the “Structure and operations of the human brain” course has passed. During this time, a lot of new and interesting topics were covered, starting from the origin of neuroscience and ending with sensory perception. In between, we looked at the variety of cells within the human brain environment, the structure of a neuron, the action potential propagation, neurotransmitter system and many more important details of human brain functioning.

Apart from reading book and listening to the lecture, we were fortunate to participate in the excursion to the Aalto Neuroimaging Laboratory. Unfortunately, it was not on campus and we were not able to penetrate the scientific atmosphere, but the experience was still invaluable. We looked at the equipment and appliances that are used in the real research environment. Furthermore, we discovered a lot of new things about how neuroscientific research is actually conducted by taking part in a small exeriment.

The last teaching session in period I was dedicated to brain anatomy. During the workshop, we were discovering complex structure of the human brain and we even tried to create our own brain model using colourful clay. That was really fun to learn in such a creative way.

Although my brain model turns out to be not so aesthetic and the main part of structures was hidden inside the cortex, I hope that it is possible to recognize the human brain out of it. 🙂