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Frequently Asked Questions

Aalto University Blogs

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Which WordPress themes are supported?
Aalto Blogs has its own theme optimised for in-Aalto usage, and also it provides WordPress’s default themes with Aalto logo inserted.

Can I link other domains to my blog?
Unfortunately not. This service is intended for Aalto-related use only, so associating personal domain link is not allowed. If you are willing to link an official Aalto domain (e.g. http://domain.aalto.fi), please consult Aalto Web Studio.

I want to see my website’s statistics.
Unfortunately, individual statistics is not provided by Aalto Blogs.

What happens if I graduate? Can I continue using this service?
You will lose access to your Aalto account, which will naturally prevent you from logging into Aalto Blogs service as well. Please follow instructions here if you wish to transfer your blog to your own WordPress site.

Can I use Aalto Blogs theme for other Aalto-related websites?
Yes. All theme development files can be found from here.

Can I change fonts?
Sorry but you can’t. Font is also part of Aalto University’s identity, and thus default font is set to Arial.

Can I change colour of Aalto University logo?
While you can choose either black or white logo from theme customiser, you cannot assign other colours, as stated in Aalto University Visual Identity guideline.

For more questions and support, please contact Aalto Blogs service administrator at blogs(at)aalto.fi.