Advancing Bridge Sustainability: Workshop on Long-Term Indirect Monitoring

•  Date: June 19, 2024 (Wednesday)     • Time: 13:00-17:30

•  Venue: U9, Otakaari 1 (2nd floor), Aalto University, Finland

Scope: Bridge structures play a vital role in supporting economic growth and enhancing citizens’ quality of life. Monitoring the health conditions of bridges throughout their service life is essential for ensuring sustainable bridge management. However, the conventional approach of employing direct structural health monitoring with sensors directly on bridges is deemed high-cost and labour-intensive, making it unsuitable for network-wide monitoring, especially for short- and medium-span bridges. Consequently, indirect bridge health monitoring has gained widespread attention as a means of formulating rational maintenance strategies for existing bridges.

Simultaneously, discussions and recommendations are needed on how to establish a fully automatic data collection system and manage big data for comprehensive bridge maintenance decisions. The primary objectives of the workshop are twofold: 1) to review long-term and indirect methods for bridge health monitoring, and 2) to engage in discussions regarding the challenges that must be addressed for successful implementation in practical scenarios in the future.

Workshop pogram

13:00 – 13:10Opening •Weiwei Lin (Associate Professor, Aalto University, Finland)15:30 – 16:05 (Keynote lecture)Cable tension monitoring and uncertainty analysis of cable-stayed bridges using long-term ambient vibration monitoring •Chul-Woo Kim (Professor, Kyoto University, Japan)
13:10 – 13:35Status and Management of Bridges in Finland •Timo Tirkkonen (Development manager, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Finland)16:05 – 16:30Indirect Bridge Monitoring Through Public Buses •Fulop Ludovic (Principal Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland)
13:35 – 14:00Bridge management in Helsinki •Riku Kytö (Project manager, City of Helsinki, Finland)16:30 – 16:55Drone based Bridge Inspection development •Joonas Tuominen (CEO / Project Leader – Jotus Oy, Finland)
14:00 – 14:25Continuous Structural Health Monitoring System for Short & Medium Span Bridges •Akito Yabe (Engineer of Disaster Reduction & Environment Engineering Dept., KOZO KEIKAKU Eng. Inc., Tokyo, Japan)16:55 – 17:20Drive-by based bridge health monitoring and condition assessment: Lab and field tests •Zhenkun Li (Postdoc researcher, Aalto University, Finland)
14:25 – 15:00 (Keynote lecture)Long-Term Indirect Monitoring of bridges in Japan •Ayaho Miyamoto (Professor Emeritus, Yamaguchi University, Japan)
15:00 – 15:30Coffee break17:20 – 17:30Closing remarks •Weiwei Lin (Associate Professor, Aalto University, Finland)